Friday, September 19, 2008

We're back home . . .

after staying for 6 days and 5 nights in Canlubang due to the interruption of the water supply in our subdivision. Actually, we went home Sunday night since we anticipated that the problem will be fixed already. Monday morning, still with no water supply, I did not report to work. They said that the problem will be fixed in the afternoon. At around 5pm, we got a word that something needs to be bought which costs around P50k so I thought that it would be impossible to fix the problem the same day. I texted hubby and asked for the plan. I suggested that we go back to my parents house while the problem is not fixed permanently. So Monday night we packed our things and went to my parent's house in Canlubang. It was almost 10pm already. The kids were so happy again that they'll be together for a longer period of time.

Kaila was accompanied by lolo to school for three days. At first, I told them not to bring Kaila to school anymore but the lolo insisted that he'll accompany Kaila to school. So it was bonding time for them. Our yaya was left at home to look after the kids. I was worried at first that Kaila might cry since yaya is not with her. But it was no problem at all. Kaila is already a happy school girl. She went home with stars for two consecutive days.

JM on the otherhand I think also enjoyed our stay in Canlubang. He has a playmate when Ate is out for school. They now know how naughty JM is because they all thought that JM is such a "good boy". They have witnessed how JM and Kaila would fight over a toy or over the phone everytime I would call them.

It's nice that they get the chance to be together once in a while especially now that my parents are leaving in less than three months.

Anyway, we were home last night. It still feels good to be back home.

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