Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mom and Dad's 40th Year . . .

Last Saturday, we treated my parents in Max's here in SM Sta. Rosa as a celebration of their 40th wedding anniversary. It was a surprise for them because they just thought that my sister will just buy something in SM. I on the other hand never gave them a call to greet them. It was just a simple celebration but I'm sure my parents are so happy because we were complete at that time. Of course, except for my eldest sister who's in Canada already. This will be our last celebration in a long time since my parents and my youngest sister will be leaving already on December 9. It will be a lonely Christmas for us this time. :)

Anyway, going back to the celebration last Saturday we went to Tom's World afterwards. As usual the kids had fun playing and playing their favorite stuffs. I was so lucky that day cause I won another stuff toy again on my first try alone. It was piglet this time. After an hour of playing, we went around for a while then we went to the grocery while the rest went on their own as well. After an hour, we we're through with our groceries so we went to our meeting place already. We went home in Cabuyao and there was water supply interruption again so we decided to sleep over in Canlubang. Everybody was so happy when they found out that we will sleep in Canlubang. The kids will have their time to play and play. True enough the kids slept so late that night since they enjoy each others company.
Here are some pictures taken during that day:

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