Tuesday, June 10, 2008

First Parents' Orientation

Last Saturday, we attended the first parent's orientation in St. John's Wort Montessori School. All the more that I became excited for Kaila. Yes, Kaila will be in big school already this June 16. We already got her books last Saturday and she was oh so excited. She keeps on reading the books and asking if she could right on it or color the picutres. We just told her to wait for the school opening since the teacher will be the one to give instructions. Everytime she would wake up, she would ask for her books. I hope she maintains that enthusiasm all throughout the school year.

During the orientation, the parents were briefed on the Montessori way of teaching. I can say that I'm satisfied with those principles. I just hope that everything is really put into practice. I can't wait for Kaila to start schooling.

Definitely I'll be having more stories to tell next week regarding Kaila's first day of school.

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