Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Thoughts on Travelling . . .

Our recent travel in Hong Kong would be one of my fondest memories so far with my family. It was a blessing in disguise that my yaya could not come along with us. Our five days vacation was really a family bonding time. Me, hubby, Kaila and JM. Technically, we have one child each though there were instances that each of us would take care of the two kids at the same time. It was really a challenge for us but I can say that all the difficulties we had are all worth it. I have seen the "real" dad in Philip. He was so caring for the two kids. He was JM's buddy come bath time. I don't understand why JM doesn't want to take a bath in HK. Is it because of the unfamiliarity of the place or the cool weather? I really don't know. That's why hubby has to bathe him and I'll be the one to dress him up after the bath. Then Kaila and I would take a bath together as well and daddy will be the one to dress her up. This was our daily routine during the entire trip. Btw, Philip and JM had their time in the bath tub during our stay in Disney Hollywood Hotel. I took them pictures but I didn't post it in webshots. Hubby will kill me if I did. Imagine a daddy giving birth aka water birthing. Parang ganun itsura nila. He he he . . .

Travelling is really educational and fun at the same time. During our flight in going to HK, the kids were afraid to sit on their own. But they have to especially during take off. Since the plane has only 3 seats per row, I was seated on the right row away from them. I was holding JM all through out the take off stage. But on our flight back to Manila, both kids were seated on their respective seats. Kaila was seated on the window seat so she could clearly see the view from the outside. I told her she has to sit because she's a big girl already. I immediately buckled up her seat belt and she went through the pages of the magazine. JM on the other hand was on my left side and is seated as well. During the take off Kaila was even saying out loud, "lipad na kami!". The other passengers can't help but smile when they heard her. Kaila has fallen asleep just after the take off. She was asleep during the entire trip. JM on the other hand pooped just before we landed in Manila so I still have to change his diapers in the airport. It took quite a while again because he doesn't even want to go down on the comfort room.

Another milestone for Kaila is that she was able to conquer her fear in riding the elevator. We don't know how it happened. Normally she would already ask me to carry her if she knows we'll be taking the elevator even if she's seated in the stroller. We just noticed one day that she'd go straight in the hotel elevator and she would even push the buttons. I just hope that it's still the same even here. We haven't gone out yet so I still have to find it out.

Hubby and I both have fear for heights. So prior to the trip, I was already telling him about the cable car in Ocean Park. "Sisiw lang daw yun". Come Ocean Park day, the first thing you'll have to do pala is to ride an escalator which is about 100 or 200 meters long each four times! Dun pa lang is parang nalulula na ko every time I would try to look the view at the back. Then, there was a ride wherein it was just rotating slowly so that you'll have a view of the entire area. I asked hubby if he wants to try and he willingly agreed. So the four of us aboard the ride and we got to enjoy the view. This sort of prepared us for the cable car ride already. He he he . . . Then, the awaited moment – the cable car ride! We just went straight to the area and headed for the ride. It was just the four of us. We know that it's safe but it's still nerve wracking to see the views below. I was not even able to take pictures during the ride! Ha ha ha . . . You can't help but think what if something happens? Hubby and I were holding the handle tightly all throughout as the kids were just so so enjoying the site. How we wish the ride would be over soon. It was a relief when we reached the other end. As a parent, you really have to conquer your own fear for the sake of your children. You can't let them see that you're afraid of something when you're teaching them to be brave and be not afraid of anything. So, live what you teach.

During those five days, there were instances when the children would have tantrums and your patience is tested. For us, at least one should give way. If daddy is already pissed off, mommy should be patient enough to handle the situation. It's only the four of us so you can't expect somebody else to take care of the children. I guess it's ok to be away from yayas or grandparents sometimes so that you'll appreciate more the time you have with each other. I'm sure if yaya was with us things would be different. The children would turn their attention to yaya when either mommy or daddy is mad already.

Travelling alone can really bring out the best or worst in you. In our case, we've seen the best in each one of us and we appreciate more the other person. We are really looking forward to our next trip to have our bonding moments again. So for those parents who have worries on bringing along their children on their trips I would strongly advise that you give it a try. It's a wonderful experience to travel along with the kids. Kids will be kids and they'll have their tantrums and pasaway moments but they won't be kids forever. I'm sure it'll be moments to cherish forever.

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