Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Domain Registration

In this day and age, most of us have our own photo or blog sites. We do it either just for the simple reason of having fun. We do it to get in touch with old friends or meet new friends. We do it to keep a journal of significant events in our lives. Others do it for their businesses or sidelines. Others are into it to earn extra income as well.

With the increasing opportunities for blogging, many are getting their own domains. Domain registration is just a simple step that could take you further into the world of blogging. Many sites are now offering domain registration. One of them is Pay Less Domains. It is very popular for its good service at a very competitive price. They offer services like domain transfers, domain renewals and web hosting. They even have discounts if you register a domain for two years or more. Bulk domain name registration is also available. With this, I'm already thinking of having my own domain. What could be a nice and unique name for me?

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Godaddy Girl said...

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