Thursday, March 13, 2008

Medical Results

We've just had our annual physical exam last week. During the exam, I found out that I'm not a 20/20 anymore. Blame it on E,P and F. he he he . . . I'm a 25/20 already. I hope it won't get worse. I really admire my grandmother who can still read the newspaper without eyeglasses at the age of 89. Then last Wednesday I got an email from our company nurse that I need to go to the clinic for medical consultation with our doctor. Hmmm? What could it be? Though I'm working on an urgent project, I took the time to visit the clinic because I can't stop thinking of what could be my condition that needs medical consultation. Well, my guess is right. It's UTI again. The doctor prescribed an antibiotic to be taken for a week then I need to have my urinalysis again after a week. It's Friday already and I haven't bought the medicine since I'm always out for overtime.

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