Monday, March 31, 2008

Another lazy Monday . . .

It's another lazy Monday! It was not a long weekend though but still I'm not in the mood for work. It's going to be a busy week for sure since it's our month-end close once again and forecast submission next week. Next week will be hectic as well since Monday is a holiday and Friday is our Finance outing. So, it's going to be 3 day workweek next week. Need to squeeze in the workload on those three days.

Hay, what's up with me over the weekend? Well, Kaila has not fully recovered yet from her tonsilitis and she has cough and cold now. JM also had a high fever over the weekend and he has cough and cold as well. Maybe it's due to the super hot weather. Hubby and I were thinking of buying another aircon since the aircon in our bedroom might be overused if the kids will use it during the day. Well, lets just see if the kids will be able to cope up with the weather.

Last Saturday, we were in my parents house in Canlubang to celebrate the birthday of my lola and my BIL. We were there just in time for lunch. It was only my Uncle and his wife from Pasig who were there. My other Uncle from Las PiƱas only arrived way past 1pm already. A cousin of my mom from Cavite also arrived. There were other kids in the house so Kai, JM and Wacks enjoyed the day since they have new playmates for the day.

Lola was so happy to see many of his relatives. Everybody would be laughing everytime Lola would give her comments on something. It was a game if she would recognize who is she talking to. For some she still recognize them but for a few she didn't recognize already. Of course the highlight of the day was the candle blowing. They were teasing her to make her wish for long life. My other uncle jokingly told her that's she's overstaying already so no need to wish for long life. Well, 89 years old is such a long journey already. And we are anticipating that she still has a long way to go since she's healthy for her age except for her hearing. More birthdays to come Lola!

I forgot to bring the camera today so I'll be posting the pictures on the next few days.

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