Monday, February 16, 2009

Heartburn . . .

strikes back! Exactly a week ago, hubby suffered another heartburn attack. It was almost the same time when he had it last November. It was between 2am to 3am. But it was more serious as compared to the first attack. Hubby ran out downstairs from our bedroom catching up his breath. Sensing that there was something wrong I followed him and saw him pouring cold water on himself. He was sort of panicking at that time. He went upstairs to wake up his grandma. He then went to the bathroom and opened the shower. He kept on pounding his chest. All of us were nervous since we don't know what might happen next. We kept on giving him cold drinking water. He pours the cold water on himself from time to time. He was chilling already at that time. I asked our yaya to get him new clothes so that he can dress up. While dressing up, Lola Norma and our yaya went to our neighbor to ask help. We need somebody to drive us to the hospital.

In time, we were on our way to Calamba Medical Center already. We went straight to the emergency room and his vital signs were taken. His BP was quite high at 150/80. He had his ECG as well. We waited for the resident doctor to interpret the result of the ECG. Of course the doctor asked us again what happened and we recalled the series of events. The diagnosis of the doctor was GERD . Same diagnosis as before. But the doctor found some abnormality on his heart. According to her, the size of his heart is quite big but nothing serious. It may not be serious for her but for us patients knowing that there's something different or abnormal is something to be worried about already. She prescribed some medications and asked us to consult a gastroenterologist for further tests on hubby's condition. We were then discharged from the ER.

Upon arriving home, Lola Norma was waiting for us. We told her that hubby is ok already and she can go back to sleep. Hubby and I then talked and I told him that we should go to a specialist already since this is the second attack in a matter of 3 months. Plus, his BP was high and there might be something wrong with his heart. We decided that both of us we'll be on leave for the day so that we can go to Asian Hospital later that day for another check-up. We went upstairs to have some more sleep before we go for another round of check-up.

I'm not sure if it was past 8am or 9am when we were awaken. We had our breakfast first and started to prepare so that we can leave before lunch. The kids were so happy to see both of us. They asked if we'll be going to the office. I told them daddy is sick that's why we're home. Kaila was asking if she'll go to school or not. Hubby agreed to let Kaila stay home.

On our way to Asian Hospital, hubby had another attack. This time he was driving the car by himself. I told him to park in the nearest gasoline station so that he could rest for a while. I bought a mineral water so that he could relax himself. In about 15 minutes or so we were driving again. After a while he was having another attack. We had to park on the next gasoline station again in SLEX. Another 15 minutes or so passed. It took us almost an hour to travel all the way to Asian Hospital. Normally, this is just 20 minutes away from us without traffic.

We went straight to the ER so that he'll be immediately attended by the nurses. His condition and vital signs were again checked and later brought to a private room. He also underwent another ECG and this time the result was normal as well as his BP. The diagnosis was almost the same and he was referred to a gastroenterologist. But he was given a medication through an IV so we stayed for a while until he feels better already. We then went to Dr. Novenario who is the accredited gastroenterologist of Maxicare.

As expected, there were a lot of people for consultation. I just stayed in the lounge area while hubby was inside in the waiting area of the doctor's clinic. It was more than an hour or so before hubby came out. He was scheduled for an endoscopy on Wednesday so that his condition will be evaluated more thoroughly. We went from office to office to finish all the documentations needed for his test on Wednesday. We were finished by around 5pm. We went to Festival Mall afterwards and ate in Old Spaghetti House.

It was another tiring and stressful day. But I thank God since hubby is safe and nothing is serious with his condition.

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