Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Endoscopy . . .

As scheduled, we were in Asian hospital last Wednesday, February 11. Hubby was requested to be there as early as 5am since the endoscopy is scheduled at 6am. We came in a little late since we slept so late that morning. We went to the admissions office to facilitate the processing of the documents prior to the operation. In no time, we were on the 2nd floor already where the operation will take place.

Hubby was endorsed to the nurses and he was asked to prepare himself already. I on the otherhand was instructed to wait in the lounge area. I just gave hubby a pat on the back to assure him that everything will be ok. The next hours was so looooooooooong! I don't know what to expect. I tried to sleep on the sofa but I can't. I flip from left to right hoping to get a comfortable position but to no avail.

I was expecting that it'll be over by 7am since the actual procedure is about 10 to 15 minutes only according to the doctor. Another 30 minutes have passed and hubby is still inside. My mind was preoccupied with a lot of "what if's ". I was worried if something went wrong during the procedure or hubby did not respond well to the anesthesia or the doctor found something wrong and has to do another tests . . . oh, well I'm just simply worried and a lot of baseless thoughts are coming through my mind during that time. Another 30 minutes have passed and it's 8am already. I went to the cubicle wherein there was an attendant and I asked the condition of hubby. She told me to wait for another 15 minutes and hubby will be out. I assume hubby is ok so I just have to wait for the test result.

I transferred in the lounge area in the other wing since hubby will be coming out from that side. In about 20 minutes, hubby was already out. He showed me the test result and everything is ok. Nothing serious. The diagnosis is gastritis. As per my research, it's the inflammation of the stomach lining and it's very much treatable. The doctor prescribed some medicines and instructed hubby to have a low fat high fiber diet. Caffeine and alcohol is a no no! ! ! So no more coffee in the morning and no more softdrinks during snack time. Alcohol won't be an issue since hubby is not a drinker. We also have to check if he can continue to be "on diet" since it can be another cause for his condition.

Hmmmm? This is in contrary to his initial illness last year wherein he has to be on diet. Well, I guess hubby should just eat in small amounts and just increase the frequency of his meals. He really has to check his diet and eat healthy foods instead of avoiding mealtimes.

Dad, be careful and stay healthy. We need to be healthy for the kids. I want to grow old with you as we watch Kaila and JM have their families of their own. Perhaps we can have more kids in the near future. :) Lets grow old together taking care of each other and maintain the friendship & companionship that we have right now. I don't see myself growing old with somebody else. I love you so much and I'm looking forward to the next 50 years or more of togetherness with you.

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