Tuesday, February 10, 2009

3rd Quarter Performance . . .

Last Friday, I went to Kaila's school right after office since we are on an early knock off every Friday. I was there just in time for my appointment of 5pm. Teacher Liza will be discussing with me Kaila's performance for the third quarter. Initially, the test results were showed and explained to me. I was so relieved and proud at the same time cause Kaila got high grades again even without a decent review at home. he he he . . . All the books were sent home during the Christmas break but we were not able to review even for a day. We were all busy during the holidays. We only had a review just a day before each exam. Kaila wouldn't even participate during our reviews cause it seems she knows it very well already.

Next items to be discussed was Kaila's performance in school activities. Her report card shows a great improvement as compared to the first quarter. From a crying baby to a performing kid during the Christmas presentation and a very competitive kid during the sports fest. Both Teacher Liza and I was so happy for Kaila's improvement. I can say that we have already achieved our goal for this year which is to improve Kaila's social skills.

We are looking forward to the next school activity which is the Family Day. It will be the culmination of the Sports Fest wherein parents will also participate in the games plus there will be a cheering competition.

Here are the test results of Kaila:

94% in READING . . .


96% in MATH

100% in SCIENCE

Another 100% in CIVICS and CULTURE

Keep up the good work Kaila! Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you! We love you!

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