Saturday, January 3, 2009

A post holiday reunion . . .

Our highschool barkada makes it a point to have a reunion at least once a year. Every year, each one of us would volunteer or should I say volunteered by the group to have our place as the venue of the get together and each one would bring in any food to be shared by everybody. This year, the get together was set on January 3 at 3pm in Anthony's place in San Isidro Heights in Cabuyao. We were lucky because it's just very near our place. I volunteered to bring in some tacos for the group. Our family was complete and the second to arrive in the venue.

While waiting for the others to arrive, we started to eat whatever is already there because it's almost 5pm already and we're not yet complete ( for those who have confirmed to attend ). Discussion ranges from current, past and future plans of each one of us. It may be for our families, career and even political plans for the next election. Or course, the event wouldn't be complete without reminiscing people, teachers and events during our highschool days. As what we always say "kawawa ang absent kasi napapagkaisahan sa usapan".

We ended up the night at past 8pm already. The kids were already bugging us to go home. Anyway, in spite of being tired and sleepy due to the previous holidays it was nice to exert some effort to be with old friends whom you have grown with in the past. We are looking forward to the next event and hopefully it would be soon. :)

Paging Tere ! ! ! Please have a despedida party before you leave for Australia.

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