Monday, January 19, 2009

Passport Update . . .

Last week, I received an e-mail from my officemate about the expiration of the green passport. According to the e-mail, all passport ( of course this excludes the maroon passport already ) will expire by January 2010. My passport and Kaila's passport will expire on July 2011. But since it is still the green passport it will expire on 2010 already. Without confirming if this is true or not, I immediately applied for the renewal of our passport through the DFA Passport Direct. I've already experienced their services when I got JM's passport and the renewal of hubby's passport last year. I am very satisfied that's why I got them again even though the price is more than double the normal processing in DFA.

I applied last Friday and they already picked-up the documents early this morning. I got a text from them even before 8am this morning confirming if I have the complete requirements already. Good thing that I immediately photocopied our passports first thing in the morning. The representative checked our requirements and it was ok. I already paid the fee of P1,300 each and the receipt was issued as well. Our appearance will be on the 31st which is a Saturday. No need to take a leave from work. Issuance will be after two weeks from the date of our appearance.

You might be thinking why am I in a hurry to renew our passport? Well, this is a part of that "something" which I'm currently working on that I mentioned in my prior post.


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