Saturday, January 10, 2009

Good health . . .

is what I wish for my family and loved ones for this year. We are just on the second week of January and both kids have become sickly lately. Last week, we had to bring JM to the hospital because of vomiting. He started to vomit on Sunday morning. We thought that it was just an indigestion because he was able to finish one pack of Yan-Yan all by himself just before we slept the previous night. But the vomiting continued until the afternoon. He had fever already in the afternoon. He got better during the night so we thought that JM was ok already. Monday was the first working day of the year and I was already on an emergency leave. Hubby requested me to stay home to monitor JM's condition. It was the same as the previous day so we decided to bring him to the hospital already.

In the ER, vital info was provided to the attendants. In just a short time, the doctor was already attending to JM. I told her about JM's condition. She just prescribed a medicine to JM and requested us to submit a urine and stool sample. In the meantime, we'll just observe if JM will continue to vomit. If his condition won't get better he'll be admitted already since he's showing signs of dehydration already. Since hubby's office is just across the hospital, I told the attending doctor that we'll just stay there while JM is under observation. The doctor agreed and we were discharged immediately from the ER. I went back and forth from the hospital to Mercury drug then to the hospital again for the stool sample. Luckily, the result didn't show any viral or bacterial infection. JM, on the otherhand, was improving already and didn't vomit from the time that he took the medicine prescribed by the doctor. So, we just waited for daddy to finish work and we went home altogether. JM got better and better on the succeeding days.

Since this morning, Kaila has an on and off fever. Thank God that it's just below 38 degrees. Actually, we were suppose to go to Enchanted Kingdom today but we have to postpone it until Kaila gets better. We hope and pray that this is nothing serious. Kaila is the type of kid who doesn't want to go to the hospital. I'm sure it will be difficult if her condition would require us to bring her to the hospital.

As a parent, it's really stressful when the kids get sick. I would often recall how our parents would say "kung pwede lang kami na lang ang magkasakit at wag na ang mga bata." That's excatly how I feel as a parent everytime the kids are sick. I hope Ate Kaila gets better already.


Kitts said...

hope all is well now.. ingat palagi!

Carlos said...

Hi! Care to x-link? I have added you already in my list. Have a nice day!