Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A shocking news . . .

came to us Saturday evening. "Friends and colleagues of my sister - Anne, she is now confined at Manila Doctors. She had an Ischemic attack yesterday afternoon. Please pray for her quick recovery". The text came from Anna, my HS bestfriend. I was quite confused the first time I read the message so I asked hubby to read it for me. He immediately called the number to verify what happened. Indeed, it was Anna who suffered the attack and still confined at the hospital. I immediately called or texted the rest of my HS buddies who are still here in the Philippines. Of course we were all worried about her since we don't really know her condition. They were asking me if she's in ICU and other questions which I can't answer myself as well.

Hubby asked me if I wanted to go and visit her right there and then but luckily we were in our right state of mind and decided to go the following day since it's past the hospital's visiting hours already. So the following day, our whole family visited Anna in Manila Doctors Hospital. Honestly, I was quite nervous and I don't know what to expect. Fortunately, Anna is healthy from the outside. Her speech was not affected so we were all laughing while having our usual tsikahans with hubby. It was the left side of her body which was affected. She's still under medication and is undergoing a therapy. Don't know until when she's staying in the hospital but I'm sure it'll take a while before everything gets back to normal. We are all praying for her quick recovery and I hope she remains to be healthy after this incident.

This is another wake up call for us. We are too young for this kind of illness but what happened? It can happen to anyone and at any age for that matter. We are just 33 y/o. Who would have thought that one of us will be inflicted with this illness. It's really important to live a healthy lifestyle and most importantly have a stress free environment.

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