Monday, November 30, 2009

I2C update # 8 . . .

Last week, we have already received another letter from the Canadian embassy. I am requested to submit a proof of my English proficiency from an approved organization. This means that I need to take the IELTS ! ! ! With barely a month to accomplish this, I was quite nervous and paranoid at the same time. Too many questions are cropping on my mind. "Will I pass the exams?" "When will be the next testing date?" "When will I get the results?" Will I make it on time on the deadline given by the embassy?"

Last Friday, I went to 9Niners, the leading IELTS review center, to process my application form to the British Council and to enroll at their crash course at the same time. My testing date is on December 12 and the results will be out by the 22nd. I still need to confirm if I can just pick-up the results or this will still be mailed thru the postal office. Our deadline to submit to the embassy is on the 27th so I really need to verify this with the Bristish Council by tomorrow.

I'm really praying that everything turns out fine. I don't need a take two for this very expensive exam. I know that I am proficient with the English language but I hope I get lucky for the speaking and writing exam since this is subject to the evaluation of the examiner.

Wish me luck folks! ! !


Irmee said...

Hi, Nol. Yes, we took the IELTS. Don't worry. you can pass that. Just be confident in the speaking test. and be attentive in the hearing test. All you need is focus and don't mind the speaker, you will get along well. Goodluck girl!

StarrryMe said...

Hi Ate Nol, you can do it. Usap tayo. I'll tell you some points in taking IELTS. I didn't review and take a crash course but got a good grade. Ikaw pa na nagwowork sa American company. Kaya yan! =)