Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A quiet and simple day . . .

It has been a while when I just spent the whole day at home without worrying anything. For the past few weeks hubby and I have not spent a single weekend at home. As I have previously blogged, my FIL is battling the big "C" that's why we spend every free day at their home in Pacita. We also try to visit our house in Canlubang since my nephew is there already. Our weekends are spent shuttling from one house to another with groceries in between and other errands. We also try to balance our time with the kids as well.

Today, I just spent the whole day at home and I had the time to have enough sleep. Late in the afternoon, the kids just played outside with their bikes and balls. After a while, they started to water the plants and in no time the kids were already having their evening bath outside the house. I allowed them to play in the water for a while and they enjoyed it so much that they don't want to stop. These are just rare moments for the kids that's why I try to be lenient once in a while.

This is a perfect day well spent except for one. Hubby is still in the office and he missed all our adventures for the day. I'm hoping for more quiet and simple days like this . . . . :)

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