Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The inquisitive JM . . .

Our little boy has always been inquisitive on a lot of things. Be it with his toys, with the people around him, the events that are happening and many other things he can question. We knew about this trait of him ever since he was young. When we give him a toy he wouldn't actually play it the way it should be played. He would try to see how the toy works, he would try to loosen up the screws, he would try to disassemble it and assemble it again. That's why most of his toy cars are already in pieces because of this trait.

As he grows older, his curiosity on things seems to widen as well. He does experiments on our appliances and gadgets! Yes, on our gadgets especially the videocam and the digicam. Last Sunday, I was suppose to have a picture taking session with the kids and their cousin, Wacks, and to my surprise the digicam's lens was stuck! ! ! I tried to turn it on and off but to no avail. Oh, no! We'll be attending a wedding the next day. I tried it several times and I can still use it as long as I won't do any adjustment. So yesterday, we still brought the digicam with us hoping to take pictures during the wedding. We were able to have three shots but it didn't function already after these shots. :(

Hay, we hope JM wouldn't do more damage on our properties. ha ha ha . . . I forgot to mention that our PC is already in the computer shop as well for repair. We don't know yet the cause and the extent of the damage. The good thing is it is still under warranty so hopefully we won't pay anything for the repair.

Mommy still finds it cute not until he does anything with the car ! ! ! ha ha ha . . .

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