Thursday, April 2, 2009

I2C update # 4 . . .

Our documents we're finally received last Monday, March 30, 2009. The tracking system of DHL indicates that it was received at exactly 3:12 PM by a certain Dave. Timing was just on time! Submission of our application forms by Q1 of 2009.

We have yet to wait the official acknowledgement receipt from CIC for the next couple of weeks or months. From there we would wait for the 6 to 12 months processing before it'll be endorsed to the Canadian embassy in Manila if and when I qualify under the FSW category. Hopefully, the lack of an Accounting degree wouldn't be taken against my qualifications since I applied under the Financial Accountant category.

I'm looking forward for the next I2C update in the next couple of months . . . I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we'll have a positive response from CIC.

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Irmee said...

Hi Nol, congrats you finally submitted your application and welcome to the waiting game >> yeah, my family and I are still waiting for that Visa to be released hopefully soon. Hope this entries help you while waiting:

Of course, I'll be an online help too. Cheers :)