Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Kaila . . . the school girl

Kaila's going to summer school! I'm so excited! I just called up St. John's Wort Montesorri to inquire about the requirements for Kaila's enrolment this June. Of course the teacher gave me the usual list and to top it all is the EVALUATION TEST. So, I got apprehensive about it. What is it? Will Kaila pass the exam? The teacher just told me that it's just an assessment of the student so that's they'll know what the child already knows and what needs should be addressed. I asked if there's a possibility of failure for the evaluation test. According to her, none fails in the evaluation test. So, I got relieved already!

Then I asked for the fees and we're ok with it. Then, I asked for the things needed for school like bags, notebooks and others stuffs. I want to go shopping already! According to them, it will be provided already. The fee that we'll pay is already inclusive of all those things. Hay, no more pink bags, no hello kitty notebooks, no pretty colored pencils and other kikay school stuffs. Anyway, let's just see comes the start of the school. If other kids will be using their own stuffs then I'll have Kaila her own stuffs as well.

I asked if there's an on-going summer class for incoming enrolees. It will start on April 14, Monday. So, I inquired further and got interested. The program is just a 3 hour a day, 10 sessions, which covers Math, Reading and English. This will be a good preparation for Kaila prior to the actual school opening in June. I texted Philip immediately and gave me the go signal to enrol Kaila for the summer class. We are both excited for the little girl. We just need to squeeze it in our schedule this Thursday or Friday to drop by the school.

Ate Kaila doesn't know it yet. I'm sure she'll get excited too! I wonder how JM will do without Ate during most of the day? I need to find an activity for JM as well. What could it be?

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