Friday, April 4, 2008

Good Credit Standing

Hubby and I maintain our own credit cards and each one of us have our own loans. We make it a point that we pay on or before our due dates so that we'll maintain a good credit standing. As much as we want to eliminate the use of credit cards or loan availment, it has become inevitable nowadays. Credit cards are very convenient and safe as I may say compare to carrying cash all the times. Various types of loans on the other hand are very tempting specially with the low interest rates and flexible payment terms. But what if one has a bad credit standing?

I have a former officemate who was indebted that time with various banks and credit card companies. She had personal loans to family and friends as well. It was a turning point for her when she decided to quit her current job and start life anew abroad. Luckily, she was able to find a good paying job in a multinational company in the US. She was able to save money to pay her outstanding loans here and was able to invest in properties. Late last year, she was trying to avail an auto loan in one of our local banks but her loan was not approved. It was due to her bad credit loans and bad credit credit cards.

How can someone like her start anew and build a good credit standing once again? I came across this site which aims to help lenders with bad credit history avail of the best possible credit offers that will suit one's needs and capacity to pay. I hope my friend does improve her credit standing. Anyway, she's more than capable to pay whatever loan she will avail. I'm sure she has learned it the hard way so she deserves a second chance.

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