Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Birthday Month . . .

It's less than a week and it's my 32nd birthday already! No definite plans as of the moment but I have already filed my vacation leave for that special day of mine. Nothing special on my mind. Most probably the whole family will just eat out and the kids will play afterwards. I'm just excited because Kaila was asking me the other day what gift would I want. I just told her that I want her and JM to sing to me the birthday song together so they should start practicing by now. They would always sing it but only the last line already.

So, what could be hubby's gift to me? Will it be a perfume, a bag, shoes or flowers? Flowers? I don't recall any of my past birthdays that hubby gave me a bouquet of flowers. It will always be on Valentine's Day only. I was not able to blog about this one last Valentine's day. Hubby sent me a bouquet of white roses in the office during Valentine's day. That's what he usually does for the past several years. Hubby asked me if I liked the flowers he gave me. Honestly, I don't and I had the guts to tell it to him upfront. It's not the usual type of bouquet that he gives me. I think he just ordered the flowers via phone so he was not able to see it. The next day, hubby called the flowershop and complained. The flower shop was apologetic to hubby.

On a Monday, following that week, the receptionist told me that I have a bouquet of flowers in the lobby. Huh? Flowers again? My officemates were teasing me if hubby and I fought or it might be from somebody else. I went to the lobby and saw the beautiful flower arrangement. It was not white roses though but I liked it better than the flowers he gave me on Valentine's day.

So, I told hubby the next time he would give flowers he should just buy flowers on an online florist so he could see it more or less already.

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