Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A weekend in St. James Bazaar . . .

Last Nov. 30, hubby took it a day off from work since it's a special day for us as well. We decided to go to Alabang with the kids and of course my mom & dad and my other nephew. So we have 3 toddlers in tow that day. We had our groceries first in Makati Supermarket and had our lunch in the ATC foodcourt ( Reyes BBQ ).

After lunch, we went strolling around ATC for a while. Hubby bought me a Havaianas flip flops. I was jokingly asking him if it was his Christmas gift already. :) Of course it's not! The kids were playing around in the lounge area. They were all running, screaming and jumping around. It was around 2pm when we decided to proceed to the St. James Bazaar in Ayala Alabang Village.

It was nearly 3pm when we got to the place already. It was quite a traffic from ATC going to AAV. Plus parking was difficult as well. It was a long walk from our parking place to the bazaar proper. The kids were asleep when we arrived so it was me, hubby and my youngest sister who first went around. I just told our yaya to call us once the kids are awake.

I've seen quite a number of good buys but I didn't buy first. I want to canvass more and get the best deal. The only thing I bought right away is the Baby Couture Bag. Since we are still using the baby bag of Kaila I think it was just time to buy a new one. We were going around when we were informed that the kids are awake already. We told them to go and we'll meet halfway.

We brought the kids to the playground and they enjoyed playing especially in the slide. I asked my mom if she wants to go around but she don't want. After their playtime, my mom and my nephew just went back to the car since my mom doesn't want to go around with my nephew in tow. We went around with the two kids. We were looking clothes for them but we didn't find good buys unlike last year. The clothes for the kids are much more expensive than those in Greenhills. After a while, we just decided to have our snack since it's difficult to go around with the kids. Kawawa naman yung may karga since hindi nila binaba yung stroller nung mga kids.

Hubby bought us some Yellow Cab pizza and we were so full after. After eating, we decided to call the day off since we are all tired already. We just bought mom & dad some merienda and we went back to the car already. My nephew was already having tantrums and I didn't see the text from my mom asking us to come back already.

Whew! It's really tiring to go out with both the kids in tow. It is indeed a challenge! This is the reason why we are delaying our supposed to be HK trip in January. Hubby wants JM to grow up some more and have the maturity of Kaila at that age.

Anyway, this is it for now . . .

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