Monday, December 3, 2007


We were reading the usual Sunday papers yesterday when Kaila was shouting " Mickey Mouse, mickey mouse! " She would usually say it aloud whenever she recognizes anything from the papers. So I thought it was just one of those logos. When I looked at it closely it was Disney on Ice in Manila. I got so excited! I was able to watch one of those shows when I was young. I can't remember what is was actually but as far as I remember I enjoyed it so much!

So, I want the two kids to experience it as well. I immediately told hubby that I want to bring the two kids to the show ( since we are delaying the HK trip we were planning ). He immediately said yes cause he knows it wouldn't be that difficult for us since we can bring in the yayas.

I told Kaila that we will be going. She keeps on telling JM that we are watching the show. Nakakatuwa sila tingnan. I can see the excitement in Kaila whenever she talks to JM. JM on the other hand doesn't mind it at all. Deadma pa sya. He he he . . . .


Jenny said...

Hi! We want to go too! I was thinking Jan 20 kami punta, since 21 ang anniv namin, advance celebration. Kayo, when will you go? :)

Pam said...

Hi Nol,

Thanks for posting this.. also want to watch this:)

Done with the tag


Jane said...

hi nol! when is this? i want to take sophia too :)