Friday, December 14, 2007

Shopping Update . . .

Last Saturday, hubby and I went to Greenhills for our last batch of Christmas shopping ( so, I thought ). We arrived there just in time for the afternoon mass so we were very hungry already after the mass. We ate in RACKS ( yummy, yummy, yummy ! ! ! ) my favorite baby back ribs. We headed in the tiangge right after we had our lunch. We bought the gift for my nephew and some of Philip's inaanaks. Then we bought clothes for the kids and a new jeans and blouse for me.

After Greenhills, we went to Glorietta. We went to Toy Kingdom to look for "Santa's gift" for JM. We can't think of any other toy but a remote controlled car. For Kaila, it's a Disney Princess rubber shoes. That's what she's asking Santa. After the quick shopping in Glorietta, we went home already. It was another tiring day but I enjoyed it.

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