Friday, October 26, 2007

Yaya search is on again ! ! !

I'm still here at the office doing some on-line trainings that needs to be finished by the 31st when I got a call from hubby informing me that yaya # 2 has left.

I asked him to call the house and ask what happened cause the 2 yayas might have fought over something. He called again and said that yaya # 2 is going to Quezon where the BF is. We are suspecting that she is pregnant because she confided to yaya # 1 that she is already delayed.

I am again worried about Kaila since she is the one affected by this situation. When her first yaya left she really cried over it. I have to explain to her that it's not her fault that's why the yayas are leaving. I'm just telling her that just like you they are missing their moms that's why they are going home already.

Hope to find a good yaya soon . . .

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