Monday, October 22, 2007

My happiness . . .

At this point of my life, I can say that I have found my true happiness. I am married to a wonderful man who is loving me more than anything else. He is always after my welfare and ensures that I am happy and contented. He is a good provider to our family especially to the kids. He never forgets to bring in "pasalubong" that's why the kids know that if something is missing in the house it will be daddy who will provide.

We will be celebrating our 4th year anniversary as husband and wife on the 30th of December. How time flies so fast . . . But as a couple this is our 11th year already. Whew! This is an achievement already. We've come this far and we're looking forward for more years of togetherness.

My daughter Mikaila Juliane has just turned three years old. She is a very sweet girl. Never fails to say "thank you", "sorry", "sweet dreams" and "i love you". She is also very caring to her younger brother though at times they do fight which I find it normal among siblings especially at their age.

Kai as what we call her never fails to get the attention of others everytime we go out. She has a very fair complexion with very long hair. We've never cut her hair since birth. People would always commend that she's such a cute girl. Of course we are very proud of her not just by her physical attributes but her intelligence as well. She knows the alphabet, numbers, colors, animals and a lot of other stuffs.

I really enjoy talking to her bacause I talk to her as an adult now. I get to learn things from her as well.

Our second born, Justin Mikhail, is such an active boy. Like her big sister, he always get comments from people that he's so handsome. Though when he was young people thought that he's a girl because of his long hair.

JM is also very sweet. He is the baby of the family. I really like it a lot when I put him to sleep in my arms. Yes! I still carry him like a baby though he hates it now. I can only do this when he's so sleepy already.

JM has the killer smile that can melt your heart away. This is one of his best asset. He knows when to give you that smile. So no matter how mad you may be it simply goes away. Waking up early on a weekend is very difficult but the sight of JM's smile would start the day right.

I can go on and on and on enumerating their qualities that makes me so happy. I will just end up here first and you'll get to know me more on my next posts . . .

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