Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This is it . . .

Finally, school starts today for the two kids. Hubby and I are both on vacation leave today. We really make it a point to attend all the school activities of the kids. Kids will never be kids forever. They won't we needing us parents as much as they need us today. So, better make the most of it now than regret it in the future. It's important that we, as parents, spend quality time with our kids rather than spending quantitative time with them. Those quality time that we spend with them are those that they will remember and cherish as they grow up.

OMG, I'm been starting to write and write again! Writing is really addicting once you've started it. But I need to stop here for now since I need to prepare the things of the kids for school. I still have to cook pancakes as requested by Kaila.

Let's wait how the first day in school will turn out. :)

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