Sunday, December 28, 2008

Our Christmas Day Celebration . . .

As expected, the kids woke up late on Christmas day itself. We were bound to Cavite to celebrate Christmas with my aunts ( father's side ). This has been our tradition ever since so even without my parents we bravely went to Cavite with hubby as the driver. :) We arrived there past 1pm already so most of them were already eating their lunch already. We spent the afternoon there and went home around 4:30pm. Next destination was Pacita in San Pedro. We visited my in-laws and we had our dinner there already. We went home around 8:30pm. All of us were dead tired and sleepy already. But upon arriving home, the kids got excited again and still played with their new toys.

Our motiff this time is white . . . Next year sana white Christmas na talaga :)

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