Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm done . . .

with my IELTS! ! ! Yipee! I had my speak test last Thursday, December 10, at Richmonde Hotel in Ortigas. My schedule was at 1:40 pm so the whole family was with me. We were in Ortigas already by 11:00 am. We still had time to go around Megamall and Shangrila for a while. We let the kids ate first so that they won't get hungry while waiting for me. Hubby and I ate our brunch before we left so we decided just to eat afterwards.

I was already in the Richmonde Business Centre by 12:20 cause examinees were requested to be there at least an hour ahead of the schedule since most of the time the interview is really earlier than the schedule. True enough, I was called at around 1:20pm and I'm thru by 1:35pm. I can say that I did fairly well in the interview. I was able to answer what is asked of me including follow-up questions by the examiner. I just hope I was able to convince the examiner that I am proficient with the language.

Last Saturday, December 12, I had my listening, reading and writing tests at the SMX Convention Center in Mall of Asia. The test was scheduled at 9am so I left home as early as 6:15am so that I'll have enough time just in case there will be some unexpected happenings on my way to MOA. I went alone this time since it's too early for my family to come with me plus they'll have to wait for more than 3 hours if they came along with me. I was already in MOA at around 7:30am but I have to walk for several minutes because SMX was exactly on the opposite side where the jeepney stop is. I was in the testing area at around 8:00am and the test promptly started at exactly 9am.

The exam was exactly the same as how it was done during the review. Actually, the tests are easier as compared to the materials used in the review center. Honestly, I could have taken the exam even without the review. :) But of course, I really appreciate the tips on how to go about the exam. I may not have a 9 on my tests but I'm quite confident that I'll be getting the bandscore I need.

The results will be available on the 22nd so I need to go to 9Niners again then go to Makati on the same day so that I can submit it to the embassy before the Christmas break.

Good thing I was able to accomplish all of these before the 45th day of the request by the embassy. Whew! It was a nerve wracking and stressful 2 weeks. Thanks to my ever supportive family, friends and colleagues at work!

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Irmee said...

so what's the verdict? yipee, excited na ko for you and your's below 0 now...brace yourself for winter... :)